CleanMed Europe 2020 – SageTech Medical Equipment presents at Europe’s leading conference on sustainable healthcare


CleanMed Europe 2020 is the annual European conference of Healthcare Without Harm (HCWH); a global network of hospitals and healthcare systems, healthcare providers, local authorities, research/academic institutions and environmental and health organisations.  Established in Europe in 2003, HCWH lobbies governments and institutions to introduce and maintain sustainable healthcare practices.  HCWH Europe’s mission is to transform the European healthcare sector so that it reduces its environmental footprint, becomes a community anchor for sustainability, and a leader in the global movement for environmental health and justice.

SageTech’s Head of Clinical Engagement, Dr Matt Gopal, presented during the session themed “Reducing pharmaceutical waste and improving access to medicines”.

Drug production has a high environmental impact – it is estimated that pharmaceuticals were responsible for 11% of England’s healthcare carbon footprint in 2015, representing 2.8 MtCO2e – the largest component of the system’s carbon footprint for the procurement of goods and services.

The session at which SageTech presented provided an opportunity to discuss four initiatives from the Netherlands,Greece, and the UK to prevent pharmaceutical waste and improve access to medicines. They sought to minimise medication waste in hospitals, to create a sharing marketplace for pharmacists, to increase access to medicines for all through donations, and to capture, extract and purify harmful volatile anaesthetic gases.


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