SageTech Medical are thrilled to announce that they have achieved a CE Mark for their innovative volatile anaesthetic capture device – ‘SID-Dock’.

The manufacture of virgin anaesthetic agents and their release as potent greenhouse gases is highly damaging to the environment and contributes significantly to the carbon footprint of healthcare. During an operation, only 5% of volatile anaesthetic agents are absorbed and metabolised by the patient, leaving 95% to be exhaled and released into the atmosphere as waste¹. Across the globe, over 3 million tonnes of CO₂ equivalent emissions are released every year from anaesthetic agents from human healthcare alone².

SageTech Medical have developed a solution to tackle this problem. Exhaled waste volatile anaesthetic agents are captured onto a filter inside two reusable capture canisters (‘SID-Cans’) which are housed inside a capture machine (‘SID-Dock’) that integrates simply, seamlessly and universally into existing anaesthetic equipment.

SageTech Medical’s CEO, Iain Menneer said:
“I would like to congratulate the SageTech Medical team for all their hard work in securing the CE Mark. We already have many interested customers and commercial partners in Europe, and now we will be able to demonstrate our world leading solution to them. This heralds an important new phase for SageTech!”

The CE Mark is a certification that serves as a testament to the compliance of SageTech Medical’s SID-Dock with the regulatory requirements set by the European Union (EU).
The SID-Dock has undergone a comprehensive assessment of the device’s design, manufacturing, and quality control processes to ensure it meets or exceeds these requirements. This certification demonstrates SageTech Medical’s dedication to providing customers with products that are not only sustainable and simple to install and use, but also adhere to the highest safety and quality standards.

SageTech Medical’s Head of Commercial, Luke Rawlinson said:
“Following our successful UK product launch in early 2023, gaining the CE Mark for our SID-Dock anaesthetic gas capture machine enables SageTech Medical to accelerate our ambitious commercialisation plans for the European market. We will capitalise on the significant interest shown in our technology from many EU countries both hospitals and potential commercial partners. We are excited that EU hospitals can access our innovative capture technology that is differentiated by safety, performance and ease of use”.

The CE Mark certification paves the way for SageTech Medical to explore new markets and expand their presence in Europe, which supports their mission to lower the carbon footprint of healthcare by safely and sustainably capturing and recycling volatile anaesthetic agents.



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2. The Lancet / Anaesthetic Gases, Climate change, And Sustainable Practice

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