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Our innovative circular economy, known as SID-Solutions, encompasses all of our specialist equipment and reliable support services into one package. This enables us to provide a solution that captures, recovers and recycles harmful waste volatile anaesthetic agents and prevents unnecessary environmental damage.


Our innovative SID-Dock and SID-Can products capture harmful waste volatile anaesthetic agents.


SID Dock

Our SID-Dock capture system is a Class 1 medical device that is easily installed and integrates simply, seamlessly and universally between the anaesthetic machine and the hospital anaesthetic gas scavenging system (AGSS).

The SID-Dock houses two reusable SID-Cans that safely capture volatile agents from the exhaust of an anaesthetic machine, while maintaining a safe connection to the hospital AGSS and enabling the anaesthetic machine to continue to work in the active AGSS mode, without alteration.

Key benefits:


  • Conforms to all required safety standards
  • Failsafe bypass system to hospital AGSS
  • Visual and audible indicators and safety alarms
  • Enables high flows, nitrous oxide and oxygen flushing practice
  • Automatic shut-off valves (enabling intraoperative SID-Can exchange)
  • British Standard AGSS safety hoses
  • Tamper-proof power cable connection


  • Houses two reusable canisters
  • No consumables required
  • Low power consumption
  • SID-Insights and data capture

Ease of use

  • Integration without adaptation or calibration to the anaesthetic machine or hospital AGSS system
  • Compatible with all major anaesthetic machine manufacturers
  • No change to clinical practice and safety procedures operating in the active AGSS mode
  • Intraoperative SID-Can exchange (‘hot-swap’)
  • Touchscreen display with SID-Can percentage fill level and AGSS flow indicator

  • Low maintenance with self-diagnostics and auto-calibration
  • Wall mountable or free standing options with small footprint

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A reusable canister that captures available volatile anaesthetic agents (sevoflurane, isoflurane and desflurane), through adsorption onto a sustainable carbon material.

Key benefits:


  • Safe to handle, store and transport
  • Automatic closure valves


  • Reusable
  • Recyclable
  • Transported in reusable tote boxes

Ease of use

  • Large capacity for fewer canister exchanges
  • Intraoperative SID-Can exchange (‘hot-swap’)
  • Easy to handle
  • Lightweight
  • RFID tagged and tracked

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Our service package recovers and recycles the captured waste volatile anaesthetic agents, and provides on-going service and support to complete our innovative circular economy solution.

SID Cycle

We provide a waste management, collection, empty and return service.

The full SID-Cans are collected from the hospital in our reusable tote boxes, emptied at our regional SID-Hub facilities, and quality checked before being returned for reuse.

Captured agents are recovered from the SID-Cans as a liquid using our proprietary SID-Lab technology.

Each SID-Can is weighed before and after agent recovery, enabling us to provide customers with SID-Insights to assist with carbon savings reporting.

Recycled Anaesthetic Agent

The recovered mixed waste is then transported in bulk back to our purification and manufacturing facility in Devon. The mixed waste liquid is then ready to be processed and purified to yield active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for future reuse.

Through collecting and recycling waste volatile agents, we reduce the significant burden associated with virgin drug manufacture and complete our unique circular economy solution.

SID Install

Our UK field team will install and commission your new equipment onsite in collaboration with your clinical and biomedical engineering teams, to enable easy and immediate use without alteration to existing hospital equipment or infrastructure.

SID Training

We offer user training to ensure your staff fully understand how to use your SageTech Medical equipment correctly.

SID Plan

Our UK engineers conduct equipment servicing and maintenance to help maximise the usable life of the equipment. We offer customers the choice of either SageTech Medical engineers conducting the annual SID-Dock servicing or completing the service themselves, following the completion of our accredited technical training course for biomedical engineers.

SID Insights

Our SID-Cans are tracked and weighed before and after emptying, giving accurate insights back to our customers. We can provide an annual report detailing the amount of waste volatile anaesthetic captured by your equipment, which can be used to quantify the carbon savings achieved through the adoption of our waste volatile anaesthetic agent capture solution.

SID Tech

Our UK team of experienced engineers are available to answer any outstanding technical questions during our standard opening hours.

SID Support

Our UK customer service are able to support general enquiries, connect you with a specific department and process and manage your orders.

Carbon Savings Report

To help healthcare organisations understand the impact that our unique solutions can have on reducing the carbon emissions associated with volatile anaesthetic agents, we offer a free bespoke carbon savings report. Request your carbon savings report by completing a short survey here.

Frequently Asked Questions



Who are SageTech Medical?

SageTech Medical are a medical device and pharmaceutical company focused on the research, design, manufacture and distribution of cutting-edge, proprietary technologies for the capture and recycling of waste volatile anaesthetic agents. The company was founded in 2015 by a team of expert scientists and engineers with a passion to reduce environmentally harmful waste.

What impact can SageTech Medical's technology have on hospitals?

Human healthcare is responsible for 5% of global emissions, and anaesthesia is responsible for 5% of this impact. SageTech Medical can help bring the health provision sector towards net-zero.

Consumers and consultants are growing ever more aware of environmental concerns, and a commitment to sustainable anaesthesia can be a key discriminator in where to be treated, or who to work for.

SageTech Medical’s anaesthetic gas capture and recycling solution would result in a 50-60% reduction of carbon emissions from volatile anaesthetic agents.

The impact varies depending on the mixture of gases used in anaesthetic practice in any given theatre. We can produce a bespoke carbon savings report based on individual hospitals’ data. If you would like a report for your hospital, please complete this short survey.

What impact can SageTech Medical's technology have on the environment?

Studies have shown that SageTech Medical’s anaesthetic gas capture and recycling solution would result in a 50-60% reduction of carbon emissions from volatile anaesthetic agents. Independent market research has estimated that approximately 100,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent (t/CO2e) are released every year in the UK from volatile anaesthetic gases. If SageTech Medical’s solution was implemented across the UK, we could save around 50,000-60,000 t/CO2e being released into the atmosphere each year.

What gases do you capture?

The filter inside the SID-Can captures all three volatile anaesthetic agents (sevoflurane, isoflurane and desflurane) out of the waste gas stream onto the same SID-Can capture canister.

Do you capture 100% of the anaesthetic hospitals use?

Of the volatile anaesthetic agent that is administered during a procedure, approximately (~) 5% is thought to be unavailable as a result of passing through the clinical anaesthetic circuit and ~5% is absorbed and metabolised by the patient’s body. A further ~30% is unavailable due to variations in clinical practice and from anaesthetic agent that is carried through with the patient and exhaled in the recovery room. Therefore, currently up to ~60% of the total amount of anaesthetic used during a procedure is estimated to be available for capture without considering additional unknown variables. The filter material inside the SID-Can canister has been shown in vitro to capture 99.9% of anaesthetic agents it is exposed to (laboratory results available on request).

How do you measure what you have collected?

Each SID-Can is tracked through the whole cycle and the weight of the waste recovered is recorded.

How will you report capture data back to the hospital?

We provide a service (SID-Insights) to analysis the data we have captured and produce a volume capture report which enables hospitals to see the impact of our technology.

How does the device fit into existing equipment?

The SID-Dock connects between the anaesthetic machine and the hospital AGSS using two standard AGSS hoses.



Does the device work with all anaesthetic machines?

It has been designed to work with a broad range of modern anaesthetic machines showing technical cooperation with GE Healthcare, Draeger, Mindray and Getinge.

Does the anaesthetic machine need to be converted to passive mode?


Does the device hold or store any patient data?


Is the device reusable?

The capture canisters are reusable.

What is the capture canister made of?

The SID-Can capture canister is made of a robust, durable and recyclable plastic, and the capture material within it is from a renewable source.

What safety mechanism is in place if an occlusion occurs?

The SID-Dock has an integrated safety bypass system which directs flow to the hospital AGSS as is current safe practice.

How do you recycle the anaesthetic?

Full SID-Can capture canisters are collected from the hospital, emptied at regional SID-Hub facilities, and quality checked before being returned for reuse. The captured agents are recovered from the SID-Cans back into a liquid form using proprietary SID-Lab technology. The recovered mixed agent is then transported in bulk back to our purification and manufacturing facility in Devon to be purified and recycled, ready for reuse.

When will a greener drug be available?

Following successful completion of the requirements under the MHRA to obtain marketing authorisation for an active pharmaceutical ingredient, we plan to resell the recycled drug back to market.

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  • User Training Pack – SID-Dock CV1
  • Installation SOP – SID-Dock CV1 (STME-PD-1-10-0)
  • Instructions For Use SOP – SID-Dock CV1 (STME-PD-1-2-0)
  • User Training Video – SID-Dock CV1 (see below)
  • User Testimonial – Dr Pete Ford (see below)

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