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We are proud to play our part in sustaining our planet

We offer a safe, sustainable and easy to use circular economy solution for the capture, recovery and recycling of environmentally harmful waste volatile anaesthetic gases.

It is vital to protect the environment for future generations, and by preventing these exhaled gases from polluting the atmosphere, we are providing hospitals a straightforward, unique solution to enable them to make a real difference to the environment.

Our innovative technology is focused on safety, sustainability and ease of use.


Our expert scientists have advanced technology to develop a unique, rigorously tested, high quality anaesthetic gas capture system that is considered safe and effective by healthcare professionals and engineers.


Driven by our passion to protect the environment, we are responding to the global climate crisis by helping to conserve resources whilst preventing the unnecessary release of harmful anaesthetic gases into the atmosphere.

Ease of use

We offer an innovative, easily installed practical solution for the collection and recycling of anaesthetic waste gases, that integrates simply, seamlessly and universally into existing anaesthetic equipment, and is supported by a fully managed collection and delivery service.

How It Works



Our innovative solution safely captures available waste volatile anaesthetic agents (sevoflurane, isoflurane and desflurane) onto a sustainably sourced carbon filter contained inside two reusable SID-Can capture canisters.



Full SID-Cans are collected from the hospital, emptied at our regional SID-Hub facilities, and quality checked before being returned for reuse. Captured agents are recovered from the SID-Cans back into a liquid form using our proprietary SID-Lab technology. The recovered mixed agent is then transported back to our purification and manufacturing facility in Devon.



The mixed liquid waste is then recycled to yield active pharmaceutical ingredients, for bottling and reuse.


Reuse and Conserve

Collecting and recycling waste volatile anaesthetic agents reduces the significant burden associated with their virgin manufacture and the environmental impact of their realease. This completes our circular economy solution and helps protect the health of people and our planet.

SageTech Medical are proud to be leading the way in sustainable anaesthesia with innovative thinking to provide a robust solution that recycles harmful waste anaesthetic agents and prevents them from polluting the atmosphere.

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