Anaesthesia is expensive, wasteful and pollutive

Patients in the operating theatre metabolise less than 5% of inhalational anaesthetic delivered. The rest is exhaled, unchanged, and extracted to the atmosphere.

Global inhalational agent market value

The inhalational anaesthetic market is worth $1.2bn p.a. globally, and the market is growing at 3.5% CAGR.

However, inhalational anaesthetics are potent greenhouse gases (HFCs) whose emissions are not currently enforced under environmental regulations such as the UN’s Montreal Protocol and the EU’s F-gas Regulations because they are essential for medical use. Globally, the environmental impact is 3m tonnes of CO2e p.a.

SageTech has developed a patented process that captures, extracts and purifies inhalational anaesthetic agents.  Our aim is to reduce the carbon footprint of anaesthesia on a global scale.

Flexible application

Our holistic approach ensures that inhalational agent recycling is a viable commercial proposition.

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